Frequently Asked Questions

DGCustomerFirst online portal makes sure that you don’t face any issues while you’re using the service. In the unlikely event that you do face some issues, we have designed an FAQ keeping people’s concerns and doubts in mind. We hope these FAQs will answer your queries on spot.

DGCustomerFirst FAQs

  • How can I contact the official site?

Ans: Head over to their official site and head down to the contact us section to get their current contact details.

  • How can I contact DGCustomerFirst by using the phone?

Ans: You can call (615) 855-4000 to talk to their customer service.

  • My issue is not resolved within the specified time, and I want to contact Dollar General Headquarters. How can I?

Ans: The most efficient way will be to call them on the earlier provided number, if that fails to resolve the issue you can visit their headquarters at

100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville,


United States – 37072.

  • I want to know every latest update on Dollar General. What is the easiest way to stay updated?

Ans: According to Dollar general the easiest way to stay updated is by following them on social media. Their official Twitter handle @DollarGeneral has an active team that provides the latest updates and news.

  • How do I recognize whether my purchased product is Dollar General Brand or not?

Ans: Counterfeit products are often operated under the brand name of Dollar General. The best way to spot these is to check for the DG mark on the product. Dollar General always provides a DG mark on its products.

  • The site is taking a long time to load. What should I do?

Ans: Make sure that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled as they are necessary to run the site. Try checking your internet connection if the issue persists it may be due to some minor issue from the host side, trying again sometime later should resolve the issue.